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John Aniano
About / Bio
John B. Aniano makes the highest quality modern and period bows for stringed musical instruments in his own models and occasionally makes faithful copies of old bows. All manner of repairs and restorations are performed. For the bow maker and those in allied trades, specialty woodworking tools needed for these crafts can be supplied as well as services to "tune" existing tools to bring out their best performance.

Winner of a 2010 Violin Society of America Gold Medal for Viola Bow. Also winner of a 2006 VSA Gold Medal for Cello Bow and Certificate of Merit for Bass Bow. Also 2014 and 2004 VSA Certificates of Merit for viola and cello bows. By appointment.
Phone Number
(609) 758-2422
17 Hutchinson Road
New Jersey
Zip / Postal Code
United States