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2016 BGM, Berkeley


Audio Clips  (In order given May 26-27)

Andrew Carruthers: Cello Rib Doubling with Silk and a Vacuum Bag


Guillaume Shonau: Makers of Quebec


Chris Dungey: Cello Wolf Adjustment


Kevin Kelly: Designing Classical Soundholes with Compass and Rule


Tom Waddle & Steve Sirr: Medical X-ray CT Scans of Cremonese Violins


Paul Schuback: Violin Making in Mirecourt


Lisbeth Butler: Stradivari at ChiMei


David Bonsey: Writing Appraisals Confirming to the New USPAP Standards


Sue  Lipkins: Bass Bow Design


Steve Beckley: Nacreous Materials & the Violin Trade: Present and Future


David Polstein: Using the Bezier Curve Tool to Design and Create f-Hole Templates


Sharon Que: Creating a Testing Procedure for Analysing Bleaching and Cleaning Agents


Elizabeth Shaak: Graphing Bows–A Way to Visualize Important Bow Graduation Data


John Bennett: 2016 Update on Endangered Species Rules and Developments


Carla Shapreau: Legal and Insurance Issues: 1/3

Ellis Hershman: Legal and Insurance Issues: 2/3


Yung Chin: Legal and Insurance Issues: 3/3


David Lusterman: Strings Magazine