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Our History

Founded in 1980 to provide the musical community with a standard of work and expertise upon which it could depend. Now numbering over one hundred and fifty of the finest makers, dealers, and restorers in the United States and Canada, the Federation has strict requirements for membership. Aside from submitting an example of his or her work for review, a prospective member must have at least nine years of experience in the profession—including six years of formal apprenticeship and training in all aspects of the making and/or repair and restoration of fine instruments and bows.

In April of 2006 the AFVBM helped present The American Violin: From Jefferson to Jazz, a celebration of historical and modern American violin and bow making; a joint venture between the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers, Inc. and the Library of Congress, with generous support from the Violin Society of America and select contributors.

The AFVBM, through their support of the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative (IPCI-USA), is involved in the conservation, restoration and sustainability of pernambuco, a hardwood used in fine handcrafted bows.

In conjunction with its biennial general meetings the AFVBM presents Players Meet Makers, an exhibition of instrument and bow making where the public is invited to see and audition the instruments and bows of our membership.